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Catering Menu

Vegetarian and Vegan Options Available


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"When you try our catering, you'll be glad you've found us"  How do we know? because that's what most people say!

Try our new Fantastic Mustard Sauce! 

The following 3 meats are most popular:

  •   Chicken   $15.95  Whole Chicken cut to 10 pieces  Best Chicken Ever!- Guaranteed.
  •   Beef Brisket $15.95/lb    Tender slices of boneless Beef  fats trimmed
  •   Pork Spareribs $26.95        Rack of 12 Ribs   Meaty spareribs 

 Pulled Pork  $15.95/lb  Slow cooked Pork served with vinegary sauce

Links   $13.95 /lb
Naturally reared Pork sausages which we make by hand. Smoked for a punchy flavor!


Sliced Pork $15.95 / lb
Lean white meat  

Organic Buffalo or Elk Brisket $29.95 / lb
A superb low fat & high protein alternative to Beef

Beef Ribs $24.95 per Rack of 6-7 Ribs each


$35/30 portions:      Mac & Cheese(Penne Pasta)

$25/25 portions:
Coleslaw    Potato Salad     Garden Salad    Greens(Collard & Mustard)
Pinto Beans     Baked Beans         Candy Yams
Delicious southern-style side dishes are all vegetarian.

Wild Rice $1.00 / Person - Super healthy, and colorful Wild Rice mix.

Cornbread Muffin $1.00 
Special Appetizers:  Minimum 50 orders
Fruit Cups:   $2 - $4
Canape:  $2.25  - $5   Fruits, Salmon Lox, Shrimp, Scallops, Caviar, Cheese on Crisp Bread or Crackers.
Hot Wings & Drumettes: Mild to Spicy
Ceviche:  $4  only using fresh ingredients, Very Mild. Minimum 75 orders, it takes lots of fresh ingredients!
Panna Cotta: $5  Topped with Jello & Berries 
Brownies: $1.50 Topped with Raspberry, laced with Cheesecake or Chocolate Frosting
Cup of Salade Nicoise:  $3.50 Light & Wonderful, Sugarfree.
Portabella Mushroom with Balsamic Vinegar,Olive oil & Spice. $4.00 each, 6 minimum.
Mushroom Florentine: $35 per pan, 25 portions with or without the cheese.
Peach or Marionberry Cobbler for up to 25 People $38.50
Mimosa & Sangria! From Non Alcoholic to White or Red Wine, Summer Drink is great addition to your event! From $2-$4/ person
Sample Catering Quote:The following quote is for approximately 100 guests.  
18.75 lb of Beef Brisket         299.06  3oz each
9 slabs of pork spareribs       242.55   108  ribs
7 whole chicken cut to 70     111.65
3 pans  Potato Salad  75      75.00
3 pans Mac & Cheese 90    105.00
2 pans of Baked Beans      50.00
100 Cornbread Muffins    100.00
 Food total: 983.26    9.83 per person
20% misc. expenses:   196.65  Food buffet tables, house linens for buffet,  honey, butter,3 favorite bbq sauces(Sweet, Medium hot, new Mustard Sauce),paper plates for food & dessert, napkins, plastic utensils, serving utensils.salt,pepper, wet nap, to-go boxes. toothpicks,waste can/recycle, 6hr sterno candles   
18% gratuity: Includes Site visit to venue for planning details, Event Insurance 176.98
Delivery/Pickup 150.00  within 30 minutes one way
Chaffers, sternos & Ice setup/Cleanup: 150.00 to keep food hot or cold with heat or ice
Event total:  1656.89